How to Discover Crawl Space Water Destruction 

Water damage in a crawl space can go unnoticed for days. Undoubtedly, you may find it hard to visit and inspect such areas. Different individuals use the crawl space for various activities. Some use the area as an extra storage area, while others use it for insulation purposes. What about you? Regardless of your usage, crawl space is an essential area in your residence. How can you ensure that your crawl space is safe from floods and water damages? We are here for you. Our company exists to make water damage restoration in Chicago a smooth task. 

Water disaster in crawl spaces is common because most of the drain and supply pipes in your residence pass through this area. You have to be careful and deal with even minor leakages for the safety of your property. 

How Crawl Spaces Water Destruction Takes Place

As we mentioned earlier, crawl space has different benefits in your home. However, you have to be careful about the moisture in this space. Flooding and water infiltration issues may hurt your structure. However, you may find it hard to recognize minor leakages. Things might get out of hand as water damage can lead to property destruction. 

There are multiple ways in which your crawl space can accumulate moisture or water. For instance, snow melts and regular floods during rains may make your home susceptible to these problems. Water seepage will escalate as the infiltration increases. This is why we advise that you control the situation as early as possible. If you think inhibition is better than cure, we are here for you. Our experts can help you deal with crawl space water damages to prevent major incidents such as cracked foundations or pest attraction. This type of disaster can affect the value of your property and affect its function. Our professionals are ready to help you identify and rectify any water destructions in your home immediately. 

Crawl Space Water Damage Signs 

What are some of the factors that indicate water damage in your crawl space? Well, you may have to spend some time investigating the space for potential water destructions. Here are some of the signs of crawl space flooding:

  • Pest Infestation 

Have you noticed an increase in bugs and rodents in your home after storms? Well, if that is the case, you may have to inspect your crawl space. 

  • Mold Odours 

Your crawl space may have leakage problems if you notice unpleasant smells. You may have to visit the space to notice this. Or the bad odors can rise to the upper rooms of your house. 

  • Sagging Floorboards 

Sagging floorboards can be a sign that the woods below the floor are rotting. You may have to replace the floorboards if you fail to treat these damages at their early stages. 

  • Backed-up Pipes

Sewage smell from your crawl space can be a sign of backed-up pipes resulting from flooding. This can be easier to tell since you can recognize the change of smell in your surroundings. 

  • Dampness

A crawl space affected by water damage will always be wet or have standing water pools. If this is the case with your area, it is about time you act. 

If you are in Chicago and notice any of these signs on your crawlspace, you can reach out to our experts for help. Water Mold Fire Restoration is a renowned company that will bring back your property to life after damage. The best thing is to act quickly. The whole thing may be more dangerous and expensive to redeem and repair if left unattended for long. 

Can You Prevent Crawl Space Water and Moisture Damage?

Indeed, you can prevent water damage from ruining your perfect crawl space. You only require to follow these steps: 

Repair leaking pipes and cracked foundations to get rid of moisture. 

Fix any defective structure that may cause water to build-up in your crawl space. 

Install a suitable dehumidifier in your crawlspace area and check it after it rains. 

Install a sump and drain pump in the crawl space to eliminate any water in the area. 

How to Remove Water from the Crawl Space? 

  • Stop the Water Flow 

Cut the flow of water immediately if the water is still flowing into the crawl space. After that, repair all noticeable leaks and insulate all cold-water pipelines to avoid condensation. 

  • Water Extraction

You can use a pump to drain water standing in the crawl space. Restrain the hoses correctly to the pump to push water out of your home. You can get rid of any remaining water using a wet vacuum. 

  • Clean the Space

Clean any dirty in the crawl space and repair or replace damaged insulation if necessary. 

  • Dry the Area

You can use plastic sheets to create a containment to ensure the crawl space is dry. With that, you will block moisture and prevent further damages. Utilize a radiant heater to blow dry and warm air into the area and a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture. Ensure thorough dryness to prevent mold build-up in the crawl space area. 

What to Do In Case of a Crawl Space Water Damage

If you can keep it free from water destructions, you may enjoy various benefits with a crawl space. However, accidents seem to be normal in our day-to-day life. What can you do after noticing water damages in your crawl space area? If you cannot handle the disaster and require help, you can visit moisture damage solutions. Our Water Mold Fire restoration team ensures the best services to the Chicago residents. We guarantee you quick responses and reliable emergency services. 

Final Thought 

Dealing with water damages in your crawl space can be a hectic encounter. Keep in mind that this is an area that you can hardly visit. However, with the destruction that water damages can have on your property, you have to be careful. The best thing is that you can prevent if not minimize such scenarios. In case you want water damage services, you can contact us anytime. We are always there to ensure a stress-free way of dealing with moisture damages in your crawl spaces. All you need to do is visit the Water Mold Fire restoration company website for any detail you need. 

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