What Health Effects Can Waterlogged Carpets Cause

Indoor flooding is something most businesses and homeowners experience at some point. It happens due to severe storms that cause flooding or malfunctioning plumbing components like leaky and burst pipes. Oftentimes, property owners respond to the aftermath of indoor flooding by soaking up the water and washing the affected surfaces. While by doing so, they think they have solved the problem, it usually is not the case. Some indoor materials need more attention. Carpets and rugs tend to soak in more water during a flooding event. They are like giant sponges and will quickly absorb runoff, groundwater, or even sewage during a flooding emergency. In such a situation, mold and harmful bacteria are likely to grow. To help keep family members, guests, and friends safe after indoor flooding, you need to hire a specialist in water damage restoration in Chicago to remove the long-standing effects of soaked carpets.  

Wet Carpets can cause Airborne Allergies

The design of carpets features threads, a backing, and padding. These layers of materials make it easy for the carpets to soak and trap water. Airing your rooms using fans may not do the trick in drying them. You want a professional to remove, disinfect, and replace areas of the carpet that are damaged.

The damp conditions that wet carpets create contribute to the growth of allergic molds like Cladosporium and penicillin. And, did you know that, under the right conditions, molds can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours?  An indoor flooding event means that you have to race against time. Allergic molds can trigger flu-like symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and headaches.

Wet Carpets can cause Respiratory Problems

Besides the flu-like symptoms from allergic molds, damp carpets can cause issues with the respiratory system. If you don’t remove mold and promote airflow, the carpets will change their color and harden over time. You may see patches of mold that appear white, green, or pink. These tend to pose a threat to an individual’s lungs.

Molds of the Mucor family, for instance, can cause breathing complications. You may develop asthma or tuberculosis if you expose yourself to Mucor mold strains. Mold-contaminated carpets can pose serious health implications and that’s why water damage remediation technicians use masks, eyewear, and gloves for safety reasons when working on wet carpets and other wet settings where molds thrive.

Damp Carpets can cause Neurological issues

Molds, especially black mold, can also affect an individual’s ability to focus when they get near the toxic spores for an extended period. Exposure to high levels of mold can create symptoms such as mood swings, depression, and confusion.

Wet Carpets and Skin Rashes

Besides, mold arising from soaked carpets can irritate the skin. You may experience visible rashes or even hives if you’re allergic.

So you can see how waterlogged carpets can impact the health of your family and friends.

Seeking reliable Water Damage Restoration in Chicago

Have you experienced indoor flooding in your home or business property? Water Mold Fire Restoration offers 24/7 emergency water damage remediation and mold removal services. Whether it’s a sewage backup, storm runoff, burst pipes, or other water damage problems, we offer timely remediation to help you stay in a clean environment. Visit us at https://watermoldfire.net/chicago-il/ to find out more information about our water damage restoration services.

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