Do I Have To Pay Rent If My Apartment Flooded In Chicago?

Staying in a rented apartment does not exempt you from some of the responsibilities that come with owning a home. As such you need to be well prepared for situations that may require you to make a tough decision. A perfect example is the flooding of your apartment. Depending on the severity of the flooding, the attention of a water damage restoration Chicago company may be needed. But before hiring one, you need to know what your options are. 

Withholding/ Reducing Rent After Flooding Happens

In Chicago, you have the right to send your landlord notice in the form of a written letter stating that the lease will end in 14 days if major flood damages in the apartment are not fixed. This is according to the city’s Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO). When this is done, your landlord will have no choice but to return the rest of the rent alongside interests and security deposits. Assuming they fail to get the damage fixed in the stipulated time. 

In the case where the water damage is less than half of the rent, you have the option of handling the repair yourself and deducting the cost from the next rent. All in all, you have to ensure that your landlord is notified of every action you take in a written form, for the sake of documentation. This way, you won’t be accused of acting in bad faith. 

Importantly, you need to consider the cause of the water damage. If you or your guest is responsible for the water damage, deducting the cost of repair from your rent is not allowed according to RLTO rules. 

What Should You Do After A Flood?

Your first task after a flood is to reach out to the right persons. It can be the janitor, landlord, or building supervisor. You should also ensure that you make appropriate documentation of the event for reference. In more serious situations, you may have to vacate your apartment.

Even amid the chaos, do not forget to keep proper records of the meetings, responses from the landlord, conversations, and promises made to help you.

The next step after a flood is reviewing your lease agreement. To avoid future problems, it is important that you fully understand the conditions surrounding your lease before signing an agreement. While some lease agreement states that the landlord’s property insurance covers flooding and other damages, others don’t. As such you need to review this document critically before signing to avoid issues in the future. 

Laws Surrounding Renter’s Right For Water Damage In Chicago

In Chicago, renters have extensive rights and as a result, you are not helpless when experiencing difficulty with your landlord. If you are being affected by the negligence of your landlord to maintain the property, you have the right to terminate the lease, deduct the cost of repair from the next month’s rent if it is less than $500, withhold the next rent, or sue your landlord for damages. 

Finally, restoring your apartment after a flood will require the expertise of highly trained water damage restoration companies. To know more about water damage restoration, visit

Water Mold Fire Restoration 

Phone number: 312-574-3814

Address: 3521 N. Wilton Ave Chicago Illinois 60657 

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